work in progress

18 December 2013

Hardwood painted doors

This is a pair of hardwood painted doors, that are over 3 metres high and have been curved at the heads to match the existing curve of the stone work. This sort of complicated work is very time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge and skill to get right. Which starts when we took a template of the stone work, this was our starting datum point from which everything else was taken from.

Fitted as part of a large project in Wells, Somerset. The doors as seen from the street have vertical tongue and groove  boarding. Hidden from view on the reverse side are the rails and braces which is where all the technical detailing can be found.

Which includes:

These doors are essentially gates to a side passage entrance to the house and garden and as such were required to stay open for access through the day while needing to be closed, locked and secured at night. With this specific set of requirements for this regular use and given the extra large size of them and considerable weight, which when you add in the potential for huge wind blow, an even bigger consideration given there position in what was basically a wind tunnel. ‘It was decided that it potentially could be very difficult and maybe even impossible for them to be manually opened, closed and secured. So it was decided that motorised closing arms would be fixed to the back which could be remotely operated to open, close and lock the gates.