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18 December 2013

Box sash windows

These box sash windows were made as part of a large renovation and extension project in Somerset. The box sashes windows were  all fitted into one room along with a set of double doors and frame with fixed side light to create an orangery.

What is an orangery?

In recent years the orangery has begun to overtake the conservatory in popularity as the means for expanding the living space in the home and is now regarded in very loose terms. Historically though an orangery would have been built  in the grounds of large stately homes from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries. In England orangeries were typically used to create warmer climates able to grow citrus fruit trees.

Now a days, as alluded to above they are more commonly used as extensions to a home like a conservatory. What is special about this orangery is the  box sash windows as there design enabling both sashes to be opened creating gaps at the top and the bottom of the window. Box sash windows therefore can be opened up top and bottom to create an air flow of fresh cooler air coming in at the bottom and letting the hot air escape out at the top. This then means that an orangery fitted with box sash windows can keep the room cool even on the hottest summer day.