completed projects

18 December 2013

House extension with Solid Oak windows

These are pictures from a job we did in Priddy Somerset. As part of a large extension we made new Solid oak windows and porch with new half glazed oak front door. The chunky style of these oak windows is very in keeping with the country style of the house and its exposed position on top of the Mendip hills.

Protecting solid oak windows

Any external joinery needs to be treated to protect it from the corrosive effects of weathering. It is common to leave certain external woodwork untreated, like cladding. This is not at all recommended for finer joinery like these oak windows, where the need for windows to open and close fully against stops and to seal properly means that some protection is a must. These windows were given two coats of clear UV resistant oil to help protect them against the weathering effects of wind and rain as well as the discolouration effects of the sun. Clear oil was the specified finish for this job but a range of different finishes are avaliable depending on your particular taste. All the joinery for this project was made from Solid engineered European Oak which is a new technology to joinery and is more stable that ‘solid’ timber. Engineered timber is comprised of a number of pieces that have been laminated together, the reason for doing this is that the differing grains of all the pieces flex and move against each other reducing the potential for he entire piece to warp and distort.

Working with an Architect

This project was done with the assistance of an architect who supplied very detailed specifications for us to work  and this meant we had a very clear idea of what was required from the very beginning of the project. We regularly work with architects to achieve the highest quality product for the customer. If you dont have an architect involved in your project we will be able to give help and recommendations. If you are unclear on how and what would be the best course of action to give you the joinery that does everything you want and require.